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STIMU600 klein en

Testing system for function tests of electro-stimulation equipment
in accordance to IEC 60601-2-10

  • touch screen or PC operation
  • graphical display of signals
  • measurement of effective current and effective voltage
  • measurement of interference current values
  • identification of beats
  • user specific language setting
  • accumulator operarated handily device


 This development was sponsored by the BMWi and EuroNorm.

TBH400 mit Koffer Koffer 2HE HF400 dt
solid plastic case for test devices and equipment

  • compatible with: GM-610/ GM-410 and HF-400/ IN-400
  • own mat for the TBH-400 and all required equipment
  • high stability sandwich construction
  • very resistant plastic case
  • 500 x 420 x 175 mm (W x H x D)

additional isolation of the installed devices from the mains power supply

  • reduced leak current in medical electrical systems and device combination
  • very low leakage field
  • power 1000VA


Isolation measuring instrument for the monitoring of the insulation resistance of devices or combinations of units

  • acoustic signalisation of limit exceeding
  • optical signalisation of limit exceeding
  • operating indicator light
  • test key for function control

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