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ES Modul

The GS Testing Module ES for function tests of ECG devices

  • ECG impulse output
  • periodic signals
  • arrhythmia output
  • pacemaker outputs
  • simulation of respiration
  • signal output according to IEC 60601

Defi Modul

The GS Testing Module for function tests of external defibrillators

  • graphical display of the discharge plot
  • measuring of pulsed biphasic is possible
  • ECG output over paddles or monitor
  • output of several synchronization signals
  • stop clock function for charge and discharge times

Safe Modul

The GS Testing Module for testing electrical safety in accordance with
IEC 62353 / IEC 61010 and VDE 0701-0702
MPG / MPBetreibV / BetrSichV / BGV A3

  • for checking the electrical safety in accordance to the MPG
  • for checking the electrical safety on general electrical devices
  • single measurement and automatic operation
  • direct and differential current measurement

S.P.L. Elektronik supplies a sorted list of useful equipment.
For example: cabel, adapter, connectors ect.
Please have a look on our list of accessories.

For addition we have a isolation guarding system called IsoGuard
and a medical isolation transformer called MTT-1000.


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